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Giving as a Cornerstone

Giving at Beit Yossi is of a supreme value as it is one of the cornerstones on which the home rests.Everyone involved in true and pure giving knows the exhilaration that accompanies such activities along with satisfaction and the sense of working together for a mutual goal among all involved.Each member of the dedicated staff who works at Beit Yossi -- therapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers and the wonderful volunteers -- can testify to such wholeheartedly and with a twinkle in the eye .


If you are interested in discovering the sweet and intoxicating charm of giving, the door and heart of Beit Yossi are open to you.


Growing roots around the country


In Israel, there are many families who are crying out for help to escape the state of distress in which they find themselves. It is enough to look at the long waiting list of families asking to join Beit Yossi in order to comprehend how much such assistance is needed and necessary.


Currently, Beit Yossi treats about 20 families and 45 children.The close escort of each family lasts from three to six years during which time they acquire the tools with which to go out and face life on their own.


Many families seek help, but the limited resources of Beit Yossi cannot reach them all.

Since its inception and throughout the years, the activities of Beit Yossi have been based on financial contributions. As of today, the facility is too small and the resources are lacking to enable Beit Yossi to assist all applicants.Therefore, first and foremost we are always grateful to receive any assistance which will allow us to continue the operations of Beit Yossi in Ashdod; however, our aspiration is to expand to welcome all the families knocking upon our door.In order to fully realize this vision and to establish additional branches in the other districts in Ashdod, and in additional communities throughout the country, there is a great need for much more support and assistance.


Many families yearn to embark upon a new path towards a new life.They deserve this opportunity and eagerly await it.We, at Beit Yossi, are determined to do everything we can to continue to be there for them.To do this we need you.

We thank and bless you for any "helping hand" which will be extended in any way.


Contact and donations

Beit Yossi, David Yalin 3, Ashdod. Telefax 08.8531165 / 052.7202133 / 052.6080884
The organization in memory of Captain Yossi Ohana, z"l – (by post) 56/5 Rogozin Road, Ashdod, 77440 ISRAEL
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